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5. List five places you want to visit.

i'm going to list the places from ascending order, so lowest to highest.

Santorini, Greece

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the beautiful, clear skies resting over santorini. the reason i want to visit this place is the amazing architecture of the little homes on the hill, looking over at the blue, luscious waters. santorini displays such tranquility and happiness.

Las Vegas, Nevada

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after watching the movie, vegas vacation, i have fallen in love with las vegas. just the beautiful landscape that man could make. the nightlife seems to be almost un-missable if you visit. as well as the gambling ;)) i mean gambling is bad, but a if you're lucky its a winwin.


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i see fiji as such an amazing site, the beautiful blue waters and the tall, green palm trees. the beaches are easy on the eyes. all my life i've wanted to visit this place, the serenity and weather are just lush. i would also love to go diving into the colourful corals and to experience a close-up on marine life.


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i know tokyo might be one of the most busiest, loudest city in the world. but it is also one of the most amazing sites to see for me. i have seen a couple of vlogs on tokyo and it seems to be the most fun-filled place ever. the breath-taking temples, cafes, restaurants, etc. one of the reasons i want to visit tokyo is the well-known, Aokigahara also known as the suicide forest. i don't want to visit to see dead bodies, i have heard about the ambiance and eeriness of the forest, apparently there are ghosts or spirits there.

Los Angeles, California

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leaving to the top place on my list is LA. I have built a great desire to visit this place, to experience the beachy lifestyle. everyone who are practically famous lives here!! i would love to visit here one day !!!