I like that he's a goal digger, foodie, does biking, he invites me for dinner, he likes boba. He wanna know what I'm doing without him asking. I couldn't relate to some that he' says
Maybe I just don't know if I like this bagel
He actually is handsome
Maybe I'm just thinking he's privileged and all
that's why i'm a bit annoyed
we're in a video called and he actually turned on the tv.
I think this relationship is going to be platonic.
After the video call, he texted and actually has emotions.
he actually appreciated me, appreciating him.

Anyway, I'm new at online dating. I just fell in love with Matthew Hussey's words, he's a Canadian love guru. I learnt a lot from him. Matthew's assistant is named Jameson and I just don't know what's the title for this article.