Lately, i've been feeling scared of never finding love. I've found it thousands of times within me, fortunately. But I've never had a partner; someone who chooses me; who feels blown away by my words, by my art, by my way of being. Someone who would want to kiss me with so much love in their lips, with so much understanding in their hugs.

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I don't fall in love easily, I can think you very attractive but if I do not feel a conection, a click, then I can not go on.

I've tried so many places, so many times. And still, nothing.

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They say that is all about time. That your life's timing knows what it's doing...

I'm turning 20 in December, all these years i've worked really hard in loving myself and in healing from affairs that never were. And I stupidly thought that love would finally choose me to be romantically loved by someone who i feel attracted in a emotional, intellectual and sexual way.

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Once more, I've been left down.

I know that it would happen when I stop looking and longing for it. But how much time has passed since I first grabbed onto that belief?

How can I stop longing for romance when I've never really tasted it? When even a stranger could tell my romantic ways?

It will come someday.

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Thanks for reading! <3