✧ Today is the third day of my Halloween countdown,so im going to show you some perfect movies to watch this month!. ✧
✧ Here is my previous articles of this challenge ✧

- Hocus pocus

hocus pocus, Halloween, and Witches image hocus pocus, movie, and teenager image
hocus pocus is one of my favorite movies to watch on October.

- Halloween Town

gif, skeleton, and Halloween image weird, quotes, and halloweentown image
my childhood in one movie

- Coraline

coraline, smile, and movie image coraline image
this movie was so scary when I was a kid

- Nightmare before Christmas

cartoon, creepy, and gif image before, jack, and nightmare image
one of my favorites

-`The Harry Potter movies`

Halloween, harry potter, and hogwarts image alan rickman, harry potter, and snape image
last but not least this saga is one of my favs too

✧Hope you liked it, I would put my Autumn collection so if you want you can check it out! ✧