(Inspired by Kalyn Nicholson)

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When I woke up this morning it was all grey and rainy out, perfect fall weather! I was feeling inspired to do something fall related so I stopped at a coffee shop then went to the store with the intention of getting some fall sweaters, and maybe some pumpkins to decorate the apartment with. After about an hour of browsing I finally left buying nothing. Right?! Maybe it was the sun that came out and killed the whole fall vibe or my greasy messy bun that made me feel gross but nothing looked good. When I got home I decided that maybe my life does need a make over, I just need to take a couple steps back. So, let's design our life!

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Changing things up a bit is good and it's what I need in my life especially with the weather changing. It keeps things fresh! I'll start by changing my mental state.

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Focusing on your mental state is important because it's what gives us energy and how we see things. Take time to recharge by reading inspiring books that make you see life in a more positive way, or meditate every once in a while to get a clear mind. I've been reading this book called, You are a Badass and it's really helped me channel my energy in a more positive way. I haven't really meditated but it's a good thing to try. It doesn't have to look like sitting on a yoga mat with your legs crossed. You can meditate by doing art, listening to a video while you're getting ready, playing an instrument or sitting in your car. Taking a few minutes to clear your mind and let it escape is so important because when you come back, you have a clearer and more focused head space.

Alright, time to change physically so we have visual reminders when we look in the mirror of that tiny bit of change.

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This is a personal favorite because I love dying my hair or getting my nails done. If you can, treat yourself! I always feel so much more refreshed after getting my eyebrows done, or looking down at a new manicure. Treat yourself to something nice because you love yourself, not because you feel you need to change your appearance for someone or the world. Take a nice bath, curl your hair, do whatever you need to do to love yourself and when you look in the mirror you can think, "Yeah! I'm a badass!"

So, you're in a healthy mind space, you look and feel amazing, now it's time to take a look around at your surroundings.

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Your surroundings include your home, maybe your car or work space. Changing up my room is my favorite since I love interior design and organizing. So, grab a trash bag and get rid of the clutter, old clothes, things you don't need anymore. Even rearranging some furniture or desks around can make a huge difference! Without changing my surroundings, I just feel trapped in the same boring routine having to see the same arrangements. Even going out and getting some flowers for your room can help change it up.

Now it's time to relax in your new space and set some goals!

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This is another personal favorite because I feel more organized and focused when I write things down or can see my life on a calendar. I usually do this at the beginning of each month but I want to start making it a habit to look at my calendar and habit tracker and stay consistent. Maybe get a bulletin board and add some goals somewhere you can see them everyday or set a reminder on your phone to write before bed. When you write it down, you can visualize the life you want to create in your mind and then do it!

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Anyways, that's all for right now! I'm going to go rearrange my closet now!