I remember the first time I saw him.

He quickly caught my atenttion. And I won’t say it was because of his out of this world beauty or because of his eyes as blue as the sea, because being completely honest he was just average and his eyes were the most common thing. Same color as mine actually.
But the second I saw him something deep inside of me moved and I know how corny this sounds but don’t worry I won’t talk about butterflies in my stomach (how weird is that?). It was intrigue. Curiousity. He did not seem to fit in between all those noisy guys that laughed in a scandalous way.
He just smiled. A Little.
I'm sure nobody noticed that smile, but I did.

This was three years ago, and today I still smile everytime I remember he’s cute and shy little smile.

It is true that it was not the best first love I could have but believe me if I tell you that I would not change his brown eyes for the brightest diamonds. Or for the bluest sky.

I haven’t seen him in so long but whereever he is I hope he’s doing amazing and I hope one day we can meet again in a different place and a different time. Maybe when we both know exactly what we’re looking for and not just trying to guess what’s the best fo us.

I hope you’re fine.
All the love as always.