Hey, there my angel! I want to share with you my favorite baby names and their meaning. Don't judge, we all have a different taste. So enjoy my list!



A name that rose in popularity following the “Harry Potter” series, Tobias means ‘the goodness of God’.

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If you’re looking for something religious and traditional for your son, pick Phineas, which means ‘the face of trust’.

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This exotic Roman name has several religious and literary associations. It means ‘light’.

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Joshua, meaning ‘Lord is my salvation’, ranks 33rd in the US. But it’s even more popular in Ireland, Wales, and Australia.

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This name will make everyone grab your child’s chubby cheeks. It is a variation of Latin name aemulus and means ‘rival’.

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Damian, meaning ‘to tame’, is usually given to baby boys in Poland, France, and many other European countries.

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One of the most beautiful and least common ‘Christ’ name, Christensen means ‘son of Christ’.

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We love this name for the prefix ‘ash’. The popularity of this English surname, meaning ‘from the town of Ash’, could be credited to Ashton Kutcher, the Hollywood actor.

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Another modernized version of an Old English name, Alvin means ‘wise friend’.

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Aidan, meaning ‘fire or born of fire’, entered the mainstream via St. Aidan of Iona, the founder of the monastery on Lindisfarne.

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From the Old French Violette, a diminutive form of viole, which is derived from the Latin viola

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With English origin, Tinsley represents a place in South Yorkshire

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With English origin, Scarlett means 'Red' or represents those who wear the scarlet cloth.

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With Latin origin, Rosemary means 'Dew of the sea'

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With Latin origin, Primrose means 'First Rose'

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'Ambitious' and 'Fierce'

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With French origin, Lottie means 'Tiny' and 'Feminine'

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With English origin, Hazel comes from the nut-bearing shrub

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Short for Eleanor and Ellen, Ella means 'Light' and 'Beautiful fairy woman'

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It is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Eliana is "my God has answered".This may have come from the Greek word for the sun, Helios, and the name may thus mean "daughter of the sun".

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Hope you liked it! I have long lists but I don't want to put them all in. It would be too long.

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