they lay down on the tae's bed hugging and they turn on the tv
love, couple, and boy image
au: ahh I love that film

tae: let's watch it
au *I always wanted to watch a film together with my boyfriend

he starts stroking her hair while watching the film. Then they fall asleep and in the morning Audrey wakes up first and sees tae sleeping
couple, love, and Relationship image asian boy, boyfriend, and sleeping image
au *he's so cute I'll take pictures for my gallery and I'll sleep a little more
finally tae wakes up and move her hair from her face
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tae *she's so cute and sexy at the same time...!
she wakes up

au *what a good smell,,,, but it's cold...

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au: awww you cooked me breakfast so sweet :))

tae: yeah I managed to cook heart pancakes and hot chocolate
au: all I needed thanks

amazing, berries, and burger image hot ​chocolate, hit, and lové image
au: so tasty, my compliments!!
coffee, couple, and breakfast image

tae: I was thinking that maybe we can choose saturday night as our film day and each saturday we can watch a different film
au: yessss such a good idea, and we can choose the film following the letters of the alphabet and adding food beginning with the same letter
tae: like this it'll be more fun
au: but I think it'll be fair to also have a bts day
tae: what about friday? when school end ...
au: it's perfect
tae: I'll ask on the group that I made with bts, iu and you
au: hahahhahah you called it big zoo family, love it
tae: what do we eat for lunch?
au: why don't we buy something on our way to kookie's house?
tae: sure, he'll absolutely be with iu

in the meantime iu goes to jk house in the morning to have breakfast with him and jk is very surprised
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jk *it'a 9 o'clock, who is it at this hour?
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iu: hiiii surprise

jk: heyy it's youu *so sweet
iu: yeah I wanted to have breakfast with you
jk: I'll prepare coffee

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she kisses him but he's not used yet
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iu *so cute
after some time tae and audrey arrive

iu: who is this?
au: he's our new dog Yeontan
jk: so tae you managed to have one
tae: yes
au: we fought about having lunch with you
iu+jk: good idea
iu: me and audrey will prepare the table
au: how is it going with kookie?
iu: good even if he's not used yet at kissing
au: hahaha natural
iu: mmh but he speaks with me naturally and hugs me a lot
au: good sign
iu: I'm so happy what about you?
au: better and better and I'll go visit him at his training for the new album
iu: I'll come too

tae: how is it going?

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tae: hahaha you're already all embarassed

jk: it's going really well, I'll do my best
tae: like always

to be continued...