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Autumn Swedish Words

My native language is Swedish, but I've learned German for 5+ years. And since I've done this with Swedish, why not also do it with German?

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โDer Herbst ist ein zweiter Frรผhling, wo jedes Blatt zur Blรผte wird.โž
[Autumn is a second spring, when every leaf is a flower.]
~ Albert Camus

That's how the famous quote about autumn sounds like (or looks like since it's written) in German.

I thought that I'd list some German words that are related to autumn.

Apple - der Apfel
Autumn/Fall - der Herbst

Image by mustafafadhil autumn, fall, and nature image

Bonfire - das Feuer
Candle/Candles - die Kerze

fire, friends, and marshmallow image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

Candy - die SรผรŸigkeiten
Cold - kalt

Halloween, candy, and pumpkin image autumn, fall, and rain image

Comfy - bequem
Cozy - schรถn/gemรผtlich

autumn, blankets, and cozy image Image removed

Cup of tea - eine Tasse Tee
Fog - der Nebel

autumn, fall, and tea image autumn and nature image

Leaf - das Laub/das Blatt
Orange - orange

autumn, leaves, and fall image animal, fox, and nature image

Pumpkin - der Kรผrbis
Rain - der Regen

autumn, fall, and Halloween image afternoon tea, autumn, and dessert image

Red - rot
Scarecrow - die Vogelscheuche

red, autumn, and nature image Image by ๐ŸโœžSeptember Girlโœž๐ŸŽƒ

Scarf - der Schal
Socks - ein paar Socken

autumn, fall, and leaves image Image removed

Sweater - der Pullover
Yellow - gelb

autumn, fall, and girl image trees, yellow, and tokyo image


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