Hi guys! So, I've been songwriting for some time now, and I know I'm pretty bad, but a few days ago I've written a song, that I think can be not that bad. I'm too afraid to show it to my friends, so I haven't found any other way of introducing it to someone, than posting it here.

If someone read it, can you please send me your thoughts on it, or maybe just react... It's really important for me and I will be really thankful.

It's time for the lyrics now, I believe.

We couldn't be

We wanted to take the chance
We wanted to dance this dance
Tried to be more then friends
Oh, darling..

Messengers and time zones
Made me feel so alone
When you were by my side
That night..

You don't recognize my face,
We don't walk in the same in pace,
I never know what to say
when you're around..


We pray to the different Gods,
We go against different odds,
All of our meaningless talks
Won't count..


Maybe another year, maybe another day.
We could be so good, we could be all ok.
Now, darling, we're not ok.
And, darling, I'm not alright.
Darling, just let us go.
We have already lost that fight.

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