Hello! So here are my favourite kpop songs relased in september, hope u like it! And make sure to check out songs I've mentioned here! Also. this is not a ranking, just songs I like. Let's begin

1. UNI.T- Beggining with the end

yoonjo, euijin, and yebin image
I'm fucking crying, why are they disbanding so fast? Only one comeback, really? Even the members are sad and disappointed. To people that don't know- UNI.T is a special girlgroup formed by survival show The Unit. This show is for idols that already debuted but never got into spotlight, they give them a chance to reboot. UNI.T was expected to exist for at least 13 months, but they are disbanding now :(

2. UNI.T- I Mean

Title track for 2nd and also last UNI.T album. I love that retro concept and their outfits looks so pretty. Please support all girls and their original groups, they deserve much more recognision, they are all underrated. UNI.T is disbanding soon so let's show them that their hard work in The Unit wasn't worthless. Let's make UNI.T big!

uni.t and i mean image

3. SUNMI- Siren

sunmi, kpop, and siren image
QUEEN IS BACK! This is amazing, I don't have words. This is song of the year! Lyrics are so powerful and have that deep meaning, so inspiring. It makes me stron, I can feel that girl power. True queen

4.WJSN- Save Me Save You

exy, bona, and eunseo image
WJSN got their first 1st win on a music show!!! I'm so proud! This comeback is just perfect! I'm sorry, but I just can't stop thinking about Seola in that blonde hair, she looks stunning.And Dawon, stop wrecking me you perfect woman. This comeback would be even better with China line, but anyways pure perfection, WJSN deserve all the best in the world. And this is the best choreography of the year in my opinion

5. Girls' Generation-Oh!GG- Lil'Touch

Sunny, taeyeon, and snsd image
GIRLS GENERATION IS BACK, I'M SCREAMING This time they came back as a powerful, 5 member unit. The song is so catchy and sexy! I'm listening to it all the time. Every member shines in this comeback, legends!

6.OH MY GIRL- Remember Me

oh my girl, yooa, and hyojung image
Visuals, visuals, visuals. Girls look so pretty this comeback. Their new song is an absolute bop, that's giving me energy in that sad school days. Binnie rock that red hair, my bias Yooa is beautiful as always, our leader Hyojung kills with visual hard, Arin is cute as expected, Seunghee slaps you with that vocals and Jiho is just a queen. OMG are raising and gaining popularity yaaas

7. Dreamcatcher- WHAT

dreamcatcher, k-pop, and jiu image
WHAT is happening, how these girls can be so talented and beautiful, but yet so underrated? This is a little bit different concept from Dreamcatcher, but still has this rock beat and mystery vibe. Love it! Dreamcatcher rock!

8. Seulgi X SinB X Chungha X Soyeon- Wow Thing

SM, soyeon, and seulgi image
This is a collab of the century! 3 dancing queens and 1 ultimate queen of rap. And all of them have amazing voices! They are like avengers of kpop

9. SoRi- Touch (Feat. BASICK)

kpop, sori, and cocosori image
Did you heard about SoRi from CoCoSoRi? No? Then look what you've missed. SoRi is a beautiful, sexy queen and her new song is an absolute bop! Her music makes me wanna dance, her looks make me wanna marry her...Pure talent. I stan a legend


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Waiting for EXO comeback (kings are comeback), this amazing duo slayed my existence. I mean, just give them an album already, they are perfect. Sehun have lines! As an EXO-L I just want to say : let's make EXO's comeback big and legendary

11. Tiffany Young- Teach You

gg, girls generation, and korean image
Last but not least my girl Tiffany. This is not kpop actually, but Fany debuted in USA and she's making great music! MV for her new song is so aesthetically pleasing, Hyoyeon and Sooyoung appeared in it, SNSD forever