Day 18. "Write a review."

I probably suck at this but I am going to try and review one of my favourite movies. P.S I love you

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It's one of the best Gerard Butler's movie.
On a country road in Ireland over ten years ago, it was love at first sight for Holly, a lost young tourist , and Gerry, a charming local lad. From the very beggining the movie is touching.

After seeing Gerry and Holly getting married , fighting , make up etc. We are seeing Holly crying over her dead husband.

And here is the plot twist.He knew he would die. He knew that she would have a very difficult time getting over the love of her life.So he wrote letters.Always ending with P.S I love you.

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As always Gerard left ana amazing impression as a character.Hillary Swank was amazing making the whole movie a touching love story.I recomend it.

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