Everybody has their flaws but we should work on them. So here are a few tips and advices how you can work on you.

1) Do not start a fight
If somebody is annoying you or is mean to you then try to stay calm! Do not make them angry because most of the time this is exactly what they want to reach. Smile and be kind. This will make them crazy and they will leave you alone.

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2) Stop hating on other girls so much
If you see a girl that looks pretty then tell it. Do not be jealous or say bad stuff to her. Trust me this would hurt you if you would be her. So please spread love and not negativity.

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3) Give compliments
Try to lighten up someone's day. Just say something nice to anyone. Even if it is a person you do not like. Trust me you will feel really good after making someone smile.

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4) Work on your mind
Try to find the reason why you are mean to others. Maybe to be "Cool" in the eyes of somebody? Or because you are just jealous? After you will understand you reasons, you can better work on yourself.

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5) Help others
Is someone in need? Help them! It is not hard to do a thing like help to carry something or open the door for someone.

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