We welcomed October with our arms spread widely for all the magic it brings - from spectacular colors of nature, perfect weather for long walks and evening movie marathons, but mostly, the spooky Halloween atmosphere. Thus, here's a list of some spooky shows and movies to watch that will trigger the wildest parts of your imagination just enough on this year's All Hallow's Eve.

🎃 Sleepy Hollow

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This Tim Burton's masterpiece seriously gets you in the mood. An avid medical pathologist portrayed by brilliant Johnny Depp is sent to Sleepy Hollow to solve mysterious decapitations of the villagers and put his modern autopsy methods to a test. But, a strange little village next to a gloomy woods that bears a dark legend leaves little room for logic and science. Will Ichabod Crane manage to prove all murderers are human, or will the doctor lose his head trying to solve a mystery with no other evident cause but the supernatural?

🎃 From Hell

What can I say? I love the classics and this one is another adaptation about an infamous serial killer who terrorized London in late 19th century. A clairvoyant detective(Johnny Depp) investigates murders of Jack the Ripper and even though I watched it a long time ago, the mystical and chilling aura of the movie stuck with me as a reminder that I can always turn to this skin crawling mystery.

🎃 Friend request

This one's a bit more on the serious horror side. We were at a friend's house while watching this and if it wasn't the dead of night and his parents in the room next to ours, we would have SCREAMED .

🎃 The Mystery gang and Monster High

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As for me, Scooby Doo is a must for Halloween. It's classical spooky. My Halloween suggestions are Scooby Doo and the Witch's ghost, Scooby Doo and the Goblin King, Scooby Doo and the Zombie Island and while we're at animation, you can watch Monster High Ghouls Rule if you want the students of one of a kind Monster High to show you what's Halloween really about.

🎃 Hercule Pirot: Hallowe'en Party

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I mean seriously, how can you not love Agatha's brilliant murder wired brain? Plus the Halloween atmosphere.

🎃 Goosebumps 1&2

Family friendly, R.L.Stine's Goosebumps bring the fun, hectic, quirky spirit of Halloween in a thrilling gust of adventure. Your favorite monsters leak from the pages of our all-time favorite childhood horror books and come back to life bringing chaos and mayhem along. And maybe just this once, they'll make you wish monsters under your bed were real.

And now my dear ghouls, let us make space for some spooktacular TV shows.

🎃 Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

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Can it get any witchier than Sabrina?

🎃 Dark

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One thing i can say about Germans is that they definitely have a thing for supernatural. Each of their shows and movies I've seen has that twist. Same goes for this one. I haven't finished it yet, but missing children, time travel and black holes are looking quite promising so far.

🎃 Hemlock Grove

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All I can say about this one is that I've gone no further than episode one. It's sick. I see the potential and definitely a huge strange mystery on the way, but it was just too much for me. From episode one it gets gruesome, odd and twisted.

🎃 Castlevania

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There's something about this short Netflix animated series that catches your attention though I can't quite tell what - the sounds, how oddly real it seems and the dark veil of the plot all help to put you right in the center of a small town terrorized by Dracula's monsters. After his wife had been murdered by Catholic church, Dracula's outrage spreads horrors and bloodshed everywhere. If you don't mind some animated gore(piles of dead bodies, severed fingers etc.) you should check out one of 12 20-minute episodes about gloomy, mystical story of Castlevania.

🎃 Lore

A two season series about our collective nightmare mythologies rooted in real-life horror stories. I'm yet to watch this one and I must say I'm quite intrigued. The scariest stories are true.

🎃 Castle Rock

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I have a thing for crooked, gloomy little towns and their mysteries and this show fits the part perfectly. I discovered this little gem recently so I'm not done watching, but I think it has everything one mystery show should have - Stephen King's dead on creepiness in the most ordinary places and situations, lives of random individuals complexly intertwined, vague tragedies from the past and of course - secrets.

That was it for my Halloween watching list guys! I wish it was a bit longer since I'm really into this whole Halloween thing even though we don't celebrate it here. I'm still searching for that perfect spooky show so, if you have any suggestions for Halloween shows or movies, be free to message me. Until next time, stay spooky, ghouls!👻

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