Dear to the boy that cheated on me,

Why? why did you have to cheat why couldn't you have ended it before. All those times you kissed my lips, how many of those times did you think of him instead of me. All those times you told me you couldn't see me, were you visting him instead? Are you telling him all the same lies you told me, that you wanna marry me, be my forever, that you promise that there will always be no one else? All those gay boys you said were just your friends how many weren't. all I do is think why, why the hell you had to hurt me like that, why the hell you could take him on dates but when it came to me you couldn't. All those red flags that popped off but I ignored them because you said you woud never do that. I'm stupid for always loving and caring for you. All those nights i would stay up waiting for you to text me, where you with him. I wish this boy makes you happier than i ever could. But that boy should be cautious and realize that he'll get bored of you and start wondeirng again. I dont hate you for going after him, I know what it feels like to fall in love with him.

Love, your ex