hey guys! this week was my fall break which i desperately needed to do a mid semester refresh! i tend to do this when i loose the motivation to keep my room clean, put my school papers away properly, and just feel an all over sluggishness. If you have been experiencing any of these things, keep reading to learn how i refreshed my life to finish out the year strong!

declutter your space

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whether your "space" be your whole house, your bedroom, or your desk, take some time to get rid of the unnecessary junk that it only getting in the way. For me, it was decorations that mean nothing to me, books that were collecting dust, and stationary items that i had duplicates of. even if it's small things, i promise it will immediately begin to make you feel better

update your wardrobe

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the weather is changing, so the things we put on our bodies are too! now is a great time to clear out all the summer shorts and bikinis and bring in the cozy sweaters and leggings. also take this time to throw out or donate anything you don't wear anymore. throw out damaged items with holes or ripped seams, and donate the things that just aren't your style anymore or don't fit properly. opening up the new space in your wardrobe will create ease when you go to decide what to wear for the day and makes doing laundry and cleaning so much easier!

clear your mind

you can't expect to feel refreshed with a jumbled up thought process, so get the though organized! i like to do this by first writing down all future events and appointments in my planner. if you're like me and you begin forgetting homework assignments and important dates through out the school year, this will help you get back on track!

secondly, get out a sheet of paper and just write down everything on your mind. this may include any future projects you want to work on, any issues that have been bothering you lately, anyone you miss talking to that you would like to catch up with, anything! once you have it all out in the open you can separate every thought so you can deal with them individually and come up with a plan. I absolutely love this method!

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organize your school supplies

if you're a student like me, you know how crucial it is to stay organized! it is inevitable that as the months go by we begin loosing track of our things and begin shoving random papers into the wrong binders, but you can take this time to fight back by re organizing. if you're beginning to run out of room, consider purchasing a new, bigger binder to hold your things. if you're having trouble deciphering certain subjects from others, try using colorful tab dividers. have certain pockets in your book bag represent certain things. for example, i have a jansport big student back pack. i use the main pocket for all my binders and books, the second largest for technology, the top horizontal pocket for my most frequently used items (favorite pencil, pen, calculator, chopstick) and the bottom two i have various miscellaneous items organized with separate old ipsy bags. the goal is to have everything in it's own place so you will never feel frazzled trying to find something important!

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clean out your phone/computer

as out minds and surroundings get cluttered, so do the technology that we use every day. photos, apps, notes, and texts that you don't need build up and take over space in your phone and can make you feel unsettled when you go on it. Take about an hour to go through all the files and apps on your phone and laptop and clear out anything you don't need. you can also change your back ground photo to really feel renewed!

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there y'all have it! i hope you all enjoyed! please let me know if you found any of these tips useful or tried them out yourself! I would love to know how you guys refresh as well!

~ abrielle