Day 19: Talk about what happiness is

Day 19 of the 30 Day challenge, and it is a tough one. Today's topic is happiness. Today I am to tell you what happiness is. But how do you right about and tell other people what something is if you are unsure yourself? I usually write my blogs the morning of the day before I post it, like I would have finished this post on 10/04 before noon; however, I found myself struggling to find the words to put into this. You see, the truth is, happiness is tricky. It's fickle. You have it one moment and then it is gone. Sometimes, it feels like you will never know what the feeling of joy is ever again, and other times it is hard to recall a moment in time you had ever felt it. Despite it all, I spend the whole day thinking about happiness and trying to figure out the right words and appropriate cliches to use. I hope I did it at least a little bit of justice.

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What is happiness?

Is it a permanent state of mind? Or is it simply the small moments in life that matter the most?

Most of us go through life daily seeking for the thing that makes us happy. Many of us go through life chasing the thing we suppose would make us happy if we could just have it. What if happiness is not something we achieve? What if is simply the small moments?

"It's the small things that matter."

What if one of the most used phrases has been the key to what we are all aimlessly trying to achieve?

That's what I think. That is what I chose to believe. It's easier to believe that happiness is a collection of memories that you gain throughout life, than it is to think it is an inaccessible monster.

I think that happiness is the moments that are ingrained in your brain forever. Happiness is the memories you think of late at night that make you giddy and feel like a child again; it is the moments that keep you going, and the moments that make you laugh out loud, even when you are by yourself in a coffee shop, and people look at you like you're insane.

What happiness is for me is different than what it is for you.

For me, happiness is drinking coffee in the morning while stroking the hair of my puppy while I watch Instagram stories from the night before of my friends. Happiness for me is remembering the time me and my roommate decorated our Christmas tree together in October because it was our first Christmas away from our family, and we were too excited. Happiness for me is the memory of my first Warped Tour and seeing the people I consider idols singing only feet from my face.

The problem with happiness is that it is accompanied or closely followed by hurt, sadness, and rage.

Happiness doesn't act alone because if it did, we would only know joy. We would not experience the grief needed to mold ourselves into actual humans. No one is 100% happy. If they were, they would be robots without any other feelings. It is the pain that makes us human, but it is the happiness that should keep us going.

So there you go. Happiness is not a permanent state of mind. It is the small moments and memories that keep you going through the inevitable pain that makes you a human.

Simple, isn't it?

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