As a grade 12 student, I know how hard it is to stay organized for school. It's the same thing every year. You start off with notebooks looking fresh brand new. But by the end of the year, your school work looks like a disaster. Papers and important notes falling out of your binders. Here are tips on how to keep your school work organized and clean!

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This is definitely one of my favorites. I love keeping a bullet journal to keep track of important assignments and projects due.

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For me personally writing notes in different colors helps me understand them. I make sure to highlight in bright colors, underline and page markers. If this method doesn't work you can try flash Cards.

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every single day there is at the half of my class in my class who forget their homework but also three Students come to school late. Try packing your bag the night before, so if you're running late in the morning you at least know that packing your bag won't take extra time because you did it the night before.

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I hope this Tips can help you.

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