Hello everyone!! Sooo, today it's the last day of this challenge, and i really want to make a perfect ending for challenge because it's about Bangtan as a whole and i love them with all my heart!

Let's get Started..

Day eight: BTS (as a whole)


Ok, this is kinda hard to explain. There are people who don't understand why i love them so much or think that's just a obsession. But it's so much deeper than that. Believe me.

Firstly I don't really know specifically when i started to love them. I just know i saw their music video called "Blood Sweat & Tears" and then i opened a twitter fan account just for them. It was fast. .

They mean a lot to me. They saved my life and i'm not exaggerating. I remember that before knowing them i was very empty inside myself. I was neither happy nor sad, but i didn't like anything, for sure. My life was grey. It sounds exaggerated or fake or clichรฉ but it's the truth. I was feeling so lonely and forgotted, it was sad, to be honest.

I was amazed when i saw that music video because it was (it is) very aesthetic, their choreography was incredible, the scenarios, the song itself. Everything is amazing, i thought (and i still do, ofc). I saw the comments and people were talking about "theories" or what they understood of the video. And i searched it. I found so many theories about Blood Sweat & Tears and their other music videos. It is fantastic. Fascinating. I loved it.

It was the first reason why I love them. About what they mean to me, to be clear, they are like my hope, my happiness, my entertainment, my little escape. Seven men that make me the happiest girl.

They are the most genuine artists in this generation. Their songs has really beautiful, powerful, inspiring and important lyrics. They help a lot of people who are going through tough times to know that everything will be ok for them. They always work so hard and so honest. And everything they do is amazing, meaningful and important.

They are my happy place, my hope and my inspiration. That's what they mean to me.

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I just really want them to know how special they are to millions of people. Each one of them are important, talented and loved.

I want them to know that they will be remembered for their incredible music and their charisma, their impact, their stage presence and for everything they do.

They are so important, and i want them to know that. That they save so many lives all around the world. And all their fans are truly grateful for their existence.

We're grateful for Bangtan Boys.

jin, bts, and jung kook image bts, jimin, and jin image hd, bts, and bangtan sonyeondan image hd, bts, and bangtan sonyeondan image hd, bts, and bangtan sonyeondan image hd, bts, and bangtan sonyeondan image


Well, that is all for this article. I hope you all really enjoyed it. And see you next time!!