1. Bake something

Inspiring Image on We Heart It stuffed, apple, and baked image
My favorites: Apple pie, Baked apple, Cinnamon rolls

2. Go hiking

autumn, leaves, and fall image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

3. Movie night & snacks

gossip girl, chocolate, and food image popcorn and netflix image

4. Drink Starbucks

autumn, fall, and starbucks image starbucks image
My favorites: Pumpkin spice latte, Hot fudge chocolate, Chai tea latte

5. Fall Photoshoot

fall, autumn, and photography image photography, camera, and photo image

6. Decorate your space

lights, bed, and room image Image by Xavia

7. Have a picnic

autumn, fall, and food image autumn, fall, and apple image

8. Buy new clothes

autumn, fall, and sweater image Image removed

9. Take a bath

netflix, bath, and wine image Image removed

10. read

autumn, fall, and book image autumn, books, and fall image

11. Brunch

coffee, waffles, and autumn image autumn, coffee, and fall image

12. Go Apple picking

apple, basket, and leaf image autumn, blankets, and fall image

13. Try Fall Make-up looks

Halloween, bats, and beauty image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

14. Halloween Marathon

Halloween, fall, and autumn image Temporarily removed

15. Get Spooked at a Haunted House

Halloween image Halloween, haunted, and haunted house image

16. Do a Halloween Make-up

Halloween, makeup, and orange image Halloween, vampire, and halloween makeup image

17. Carve a Pumpkin

carving, Halloween, and jack o lantern image Halloween, pumpkin, and autumn image

18. Make a Fall Music Playlist

aesthetic, autumn, and books image autumn, fall, and book image

19. Go to a Festival

autumn, fall, and leaves image autumn, beautiful, and fall image

20. Watch Kalyn Nicholson`s Youtober

Image removed autumn, bedroom, and knitted image