Hello my beautiful hearters!

How is everyone today? Hope you all are having a wonderful day/night.

I got a really good response on my last article on such songs and thus i decided to do part 2.

♫ So the following are 10 songs you neeed to listen if you haven't already! ♫

1. Never be the same - ✿ Camila Cabello ✿

cc, camila cabello, and never be the same image never be the same, camren, and camila cabello image camila cabello, camila, and fifth harmony image camila cabello and fifth harmony image

2. I'm a mess - ✿ Bebe Rexha ✿

Image removed bebe rexha and pink image Image removed Image by arzu

3. Like to be you - ✿ Shawn Mendes ft Julia Michaels ✿

shawn mendes, julia michaels, and shawn image blue, issues, and jump image shawn mendes, boy, and shawn image shawn, shawn mendes, and mendes image

4. Two Shots - ✿ Good Grace ft gnash ✿

gnash image gnash image Temporarily removed montana, music, and gnash image

5. Baggage - ✿ Sal Houdini ✿

artist, music, and singer image music, song, and sal houdini image grunge, dark, and quotes image purple, neon, and grunge image

6. Lights down low - ✿ Max ft gnash ✿

aesthetic, art, and calligraphy image gnash image gnash image artist, music, and song image

7. Beautiful pain - ✿ Eminem ft Sia ✿

Image removed ️sia, siafurler, and christiansiriano image eminem image Sia, sia furler, and serena_gonzalez_2 image

8. Trust fund baby - ✿ Why don't we ✿

Image removed Image removed aesthetic, brown, and peach image light, neon, and words image

9. Eastside - ✿ Benny Blanco, Halsey & Khalid ✿

beauty, halsey, and ashley frangipane image sad, tumblr, and 90’s image Image removed Mature image

10. We don't have to take our clothes - ✿ Ella Eyre ✿

cat, hair, and photoshoot image beauty, ella eyre, and fashion image beauty, ella eyre, and fashion image beauty, ella eyre, and fashion image


11. Afraid of the dark - ✿ EZI ✿

artist, music, and singer image quotes, white, and me image artist, music, and singer image aesthetic image

Thats it for today!
♡♡♡♡ Love you guys ♡♡♡♡