Summer is officially over and Fall is in full swing: it’s time to start ordering yourself a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks, lighting up sweet cinnamon pumpkin scented candles, setting up Fall decor - and most importantly, it’s time to transition your wardrobe from Summer to Autumn.

Today's article will break down all the Fall wardrobe must-haves you need for the new season to achieve a fab and trendy look.

#1: Chunky knit sweaters

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It’s finally sweater weather season - time to start stocking up on some chunky knit sweaters to keep yourself warm and toasty. Chunky knits are not only perfect for cool weather- but they are also what every fashion girl needs in her Fall wardrobe to pull-off a preppy and sophisticated look.

You can dress up a chunky knit sweater with a cute structured denim or leather skirt, tights, and ankle boots to create a chic Fall look. If your fashion sense leans more on casual looks, you can dress down your sweater with denim jeans and sneakers to instantly create stylish casual vibes.

#2: Wool coats

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Wool coats are a fall fashion staple, they are multi-functional - making them totally easy to style with anything you have in your wardrobe: whether it's worn with your go-to pair of jeans and t-shirt or even sweatpants - you'll still look seriously stylish.

And for all my girls that love to make a fashion statement, you can style a wool coat with a midi skirt, a cardigan and stiletto heels - and you're gonna look super elegant.

#3: Dark blue jeans

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Save your light wash jeans for spring and summer - and get yourself dark blue jeans for Fall. Dark blue jeans go well with Fall colors like brown, burgundy, dark green etc. So if you're wondering how you're gonna wear your brown sweater, try wearing it with dark jeans.

Midnight blue jeans also give off an instantly polished look to any Fall outfit.

#4: Ankle boots

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Fall wouldn't be as sweet without ankle boots; they are the foundation piece to every Fall wardrobe. These ultra chic shoes are versatile and will never get out of style. Another added bonus is that they are easy and comfortable to walk in for hours on end.

Have a neutral colored pair in your closet because this makes them easy to incorporate with any color outfit.

#5: Cardigans

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A cardigan is crucial for every Fall wardrobe. Its the perfect outwear to enhance any look by making an outfit sleek and well put together. You can easily dress up a cardigan or dress it down.

Cardigans are also awesome if you want to show off your fave top (or even some skin) while at the same time protecting yourself from the cold. For added warmth, pair your cardigan with a coat - which can be removed once inside.

#6: Flannel anything

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Fall is the perfect time to add flannel print in your wardrobe. This staple print can be worn as a shirt, skirt, pants - and as a dress too.

Get in the spirit of this season with this colorful, fun print!

#7: Over the knee boots

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It wouldn't be Fall without over the knee boots. They're a Fall staple for a reason: 1) they're warm and chic - the perfect Fall combo and 2) they're versatile and can be worn with simple denim trousers or a trench coat dress.

Over the knee boots will take any outfit to a whole new level and have you feeling sexy, confident and stylish.

#8: Oversized scarf

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An oversized scarf is the perfect addition to a Fall outfit. There are many ways to style a scarf, either thrown on with a sweater, a t-shirt or a long sleeved dress.

#9: Turtleneck sweaters

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Keep your neck nice and snug in a turtleneck this Fall! throwing on a turtleneck is the easiest way to get that effortless preppy-girl look.

Choose turtleneck sweaters with fun patterns and detailing to make your sweater stand out from everyone else.

#10: Jumper dress

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Show a little skin this Fall in a jumper dress - its perfect for every occasion: whether you're going out for brunch with your besties or for a date night with your boo - a jumper dress will definitely come in handy to make you look snatched!

You can style a jumper dress casually with sneakers or you can dress it up with stiletto heels.

#11: Leather jacket

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There's no better time to rock a leather jacket than Fall. Leather jackets have the power to turn any outfit from drab to fab.

Add edgy and cool vibes to your winter outfit by layering it over a turtleneck sweater, dark blue jeans and over the knee boots to create the perfect Instagrammable look.

#12: Berets

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Berets are currently the trendiest headwear you need in your Fall wardrobe. This Parisian hat is the perfect accessory to elevate any Fall outfit from basic to chic.

You can grab yourself a classic black beret that will go with everything in your closet, or you can be daring and choose a bold colored beret whenever you want to stand out from the crowd.

Thanks for reading, loves! I hope this article helps you get everything you need to update your wardrobe for Fall! Follow me if you want to see more articles from me!

This article was written by @Paixbonheur on the We Heart It Writers Team