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'Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it.'
– Nicky Hilton
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Style is something everyone already has, we just need to discover it. In this article, I have gathered a list of simple easy clothing pieces, accessories and styling tricks that will make your simple outfits look stylish and fashionable - as if you’ve put a lot of effort into your look when in reality all you did was follow these tricks!

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Simply adding a belt to a plain outfit will make it look more sophisticated and put together. This common clothing accessory is often overlooked when considering your clothing items to form the perfect look however it will transform your outfit into something more trendy as belts draw attention to the area in which it is styled.

Belts, whether they have a vintage or are more unique design, are considered very flattering as they highlight the smallest part of your body, creating an illusion of you having an hourglass figure or an overall smaller waist. They’ve also been on trend for many years as you can style them with almost any clothing piece. Whether it’s jeans and a top or putting it over a shapeless dress to create more of a curvy figure, you’ll never go wrong with a belt!

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My favorite belt that is currently on trend is the ‘Gucci leather belt with double G buckle’ however you can find dupes of it in more affordable shops. For example, there are belts with two circles as the buckle which gives a quick illusion of the Gucci belt buckle from afar :
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In order to turn your outfit from ordinary to cute, an option you have is including an eye-catching piece of clothing into your outfit. It could be a sudden pop of color or pattern.

Replacing an ordinary piece of clothing with an eye-catching one will make your outfit look much more fashionable. If you look at the images below, you can identify that the statement piece is the checkered patterned trousers. If the tops were styled with plain black leggings it wouldn’t give off the same effect of it being interesting or unique.

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It could be any item of clothing: hats, shoes, tops, necklaces or sunglasses! A statement piece will make your outfit look like you’ve put a lot of effort into styling.


Have you ever felt like your look needed a little something more? Well, accessorizing is a huge part of styling. Layering up a few necklaces onto your plain t-shirt, tank top or dress is guaranteed to make your outfit look more luxurious and expensive than it actually is.

Accessorising includes necklaces, earrings, rings, bags, hats, bracelets, anklets and more. In this section of styling you can really put your own unique twist on it to reflect your own personal style! You can stack rings, layer earrings, stack on bracelets or add a watch. Even if it is one simple necklace dangling down from your neck onto a basic white t-shirt it’ll go a long way.

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Things as simple as a scrunchie around your wrist or a bandana/scarf around your neck will change your whole look.


Layering on an oversized jacket over your current outfit will give it more of an edgy look, you can roll up the sleeve if it’s rather hot outside or if you want that little bit extra something to your look. If it is cold outside it will be a huge bonus to your outfit as it’ll keep you warm as well.

My advice is to throw on an oversized denim jacket as denim jackets are a trendy yet simple clothing item that works well with anything. This works especially well if your outfit underneath is tight fitting. Don’t style an oversized jacket over baggy clothes! One popular and on trend item that’s also perfect for autumnal fashion is a teddy coat, it keeps you warm yet fashionable through the cold and windy weather.

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You can also style cropped jackets to your outfit if you want more of a trendy vibe. Instead of wearing it, you could place the jacket on your shoulders like models that are off duty; this will make your whole appearance very fashionable.


Is your shirt too big? Does it not look good tucked in or hanged out? In that case, tying your shirt into a knot at the front, back or side is a quick and effective way of spicing up your look! Front knots are really on trend right now especially if you knot a graphic tee.

Tying your plain t-shirt can give you more shape than you would when wearing a baggy shirt. There are many different ways of knotting your shirt depending on what style you want. Did you know that you can also knot a shapeless dress towards the side for a more flattering look?

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Knotting sleeves and straps as decoration will create the same effect as knotting your shirt. Quick tip: always tie knots at your waist as it compliments your shape.

Theres the 5 quick and easy ways to spice up your outfit no matter the occasion.

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