1. anna of the north / lovers

You told me I would never see you walk away
Said you'd never break my heart
Never leave me in the dark
I guess there's just some promises you shouldn't make

2. sufjan stevens / mystery of love

Dallas, wings, and light image

White noise, what an awful sound
Fumbling by Rogue River
Feel my feet above the ground
Hand of God, deliver me

3. lauv / superhero

twitter and lauv image

I met a superhero
I lost her
I want her back
She did things to me that no one else could
And I miss that

4. hozier / nina cried power

90s, blue, and clouds image

It's not the song, it is the singing
It's the hearing of a human spirit ringing
It is the bringing of the line
It is the baring of the rhyme
It's not the waking, it's the rising

5. pomme / on brûlera

6. sufjan stevens / visions of gideon

I can not listen to this song without crying

oliver, oscar, and elio image

I have loved you for the last time
Is it a video? Is it a video?
I have touched you for the last time
Is it a video? Is it a video?

7. troye sivan / bite

troye sivan, wild, and troye image

Kiss me on the mouth and set me free
Sing me like a choir
I can be the subject of your dreams
Your sickening desire
Don't you wanna see a man up close
A phoenix in the fire
So kiss me on the mouth and set me free
But please, don't bite

8. 1st vows / body talk

9. we the kings / say you like me

I wish my heart was always on her mind.
'Cause she's on mine like all day, all the time.
Forget me not, forget me now.
I’ve come too far to turn around.
I’m here tonight.

10. marianas trench / haven't had enough

Exit, exit, somehow I guessed it right, right,
But I still want you, want you,
Don't mean to taunt you, if you leave now,
I'll come back and haunt you

11. dove cameron / if only

if only and dove cameron image

A million thoughts in my head
Should I let my heart keep listening?
I know it's time to say goodbye
So hard to let go

12. jayme dee / tip toes

13. twenty one pilots / smithereens

trench, twenty one pilots, and tyler joseph image

For you, I’d go
Step to a dude much bigger than me
For you, I know
I would get messed up, weigh 153
For you
I would get beat to smithereens

14. twenty one pilots / the hype

Image removed

It might take some friends and a warmer shirt
But you don't get thick skin without getting burnt

15. twenty one pilots / neon gravestones

twenty one pilots, josh dun, and tyler joseph image

It won't resonate in our minds
I'm not disrespecting what was left behind
Just pleading that "it" does not get glorified
Maybe we swap out what it is that we hold so high
Find your grandparents or someone of age
Pay some respects for the path that they paved
To life, they were dedicated
Now, that should be celebrated