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You don't need to eat vegetables all day to eat healthier or loose weight. Today I have some easy tips for you, how you can eat healthier without having a diet.

Have fun!

Snacking while watching movies

We all know that, we're watching a movie or some episodes of our favorite series, and then we eat chips, chocolate and whatever we get in our hands. That's often not because you're hungry, it's because your body want to have something to do while watching tv. So instead of eating, get some other things you can do while watching.

This could be:

  • a squishy
  • a magic cube
  • slime or clay
  • your pet to cuddle with
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snacking while bored

When we're bored, we tend to go to the fridge and eat something, not because we're hungry, but because we want to have something to do.

Here is what you can do:

  • as I said, look for something to play with, for example a squishy, your pet or whatever.
  • Write something on a paper like "are you really hungry or are you just bored?" and pin the note on your fridge.
  • pin a picture of models/idols who have your dream weight or of some delicious healthy food on your fridge to stay motivated
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healthy snacking

fruits and veggies

When you want to eat some snacks, try to eat some healthy snacks instead of unhealthy.

For example:

  • some cherry tomatoes
  • carrot sticks
  • a banana
  • an apple
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When you really need to eat something sweet, here are some ideas to get unhealthy things a little bit healthier:

  • instead of just eating chocolate, eat it with some fruits like bananas or strawberries. (it's soooo delicious!) Make sure you eat more fruits than chocolate!
  • Instead of eating a spoon of Nutella eat a spoon of honey, it has more vitamins and is healthier.
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other alternatives

  • eat a mint bubble gum, you won't want to eat something sweet after that!
  • brushing your teeth with peppermint toothpaste is also a good idea

eat slowly

Today, in the 21th century we're always stressed, need to hurry to the bus, to work or to school. But you should always make sure, that you have enough time to eat slowly, and not like a dog on drugs.

Why eating slowly is healthier:

  • as we learned in biology, the digestion begins in the mouth. When you eat and chew slowly, your body will have it easier to digest the food you ate.
  • you are fed up faster
  • you will enjoy and appreciate your food more, and that's very healthy for your mind, too.
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So that's it! Please don't stress to much about eating healthy, of course you can sometimes eat your favorite chocolate or some chips or whatever you like.

Anyways, I hope my article helped you, it would mean so much to me, if you enjoyed it. When you have any questions, ideas, feedback or just want to talk to me, I would appreciate it if you message me!

I hope you have a nice week, see you next time, bye!