heeello people. do you know this feeling when you just have no idea what to write into your journal or you are just bored of weekly overviews or just unmotivated to write about ur day?

  • Spotify playlists
  • try to draw...
  • stick leaves/flowers/... in
  • write a letter (to myself, love letter, to a friend, to my life, to death, to a celeb, to god,...)
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  • wishlist
  • comment on the news, whi article, book, sayings, people, trends...
  • write a movie check
  • What would you do with 1,000,000€?
fashion, coffee, and style image city, house, and architecture image
  • choose one person to game (look below)
  • write down lyrics and comment them
  • ur fave quotes/sayings
  • everything you're grateful for
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  • write a poem/short story (tip: make a list of words and then choose 3 randomly -> write about them)
  • bucket list (fall, the year, life, school time)
  • places you want to visit
  • family tree
festival, girls, and lights image food image
  • xy things you learned in xy years
  • self-care activities
  • recipes
  • gift ideas

(well I just invented that 'game' one day myself, when I was super bored)
choose one person, you would like to...
...hang out w/ today
...are most likely to kiss now
... apologize to
...meet, that is already dead
...trip up * randomly *
...remove from Snapchat

i really hope you enjoyed the article, feel free to check out my collections and ast post as well

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