First of all, never look back at your past or complain how it could be! Never...This is the point where many fall, and because of sadness, worrying and bad feelings we give up. Be around people who give you good energy and support you! They are hard to find, but believe me they are worth the efforts!

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There are some rules which could make you think a bit and change you life...

1. Stay Humble.

2. Remain silent about your next steps.

3. People who care about you will stay around you! You don't have to fight for their attention or help.

4. Work hard, imagine that there is someone who works harder than you and will take all you ever wanted if you stopped!

5. Stay classy, because style is so important in the eyes of others.

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6. Be polite, have manners, good heart (but you should know when it is enough, never let people play with you!)

7. Keep your income in private.

8. In life first impression is the key for everything. If you didn't show all you should at first, even thousand years after will be useless. So take care of your first steps!

9. Wake up early, never waste your day, always do something that makes you close to your goals, because time is money!

10. And the most important is, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF no matter how hard this all seems to be, because if you don't no one would do it for you!

There are some of them at the beginning, in time we will speak about more things, discuss everything that is the key of success, to improve our lives, and make us the best!

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Kisses for all, stay pretty and bossy!

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