Hey there,
It's about a year ago I uploaded my recent article.
But now, I back with some tips to live healthier and more organized.

1. work out more often

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I know nearly everyone says "you have to be more active" but I swear this will change your whole life! You will sleep better, be more confident and you will look better! It is not necessary to have a membership in a gym. You can do some home workouts from Youtube. All you need is a yoga mat and some water bottles. Start now!

2. have a sleep schedule

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Go to bed and wake up earlier will be better for you trust me. Try to sleep at least 7 hours and don't forget to set an alarm.

3. tidy up your room

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A tidy space makes you feel more organized and comfortable. You will be more productive and happier.

4. eat mindfully

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Yes, you're right. Now, I will tell you that it is important to eat healthy but i also know that it can be dangerous for your self love when you forbid yourself to eat pizza and candy. A well-balanced diet is the key! But please stop to eat when you're in a hurry and don't buy your coffee every single day in a coffee shop and don't eat your mcdonalds stuff five times a week. Try to cook your meals and discover new recipes!

5. go for a walk

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After a long day, walking in the nature will help you to relax and get some fresh air. Visit a park nearby your house or if you live in a small town, enjoy the forests around you.

6. start bullet journaling

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write down your thoughts, your wishes, your fears, your plans, your to-do's..literally anything you like! This will help you to clean your mindset and your brain feels more refreshed!

7. last but not least: drink water!

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drinking at least 2 liters water a day improves your skin and also the rest of your organs. It makes you more concentrated powerful just drink water!

thank you for reading my article

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