I know it was some days ago the grandparents' recurrence, but I want to talk about them a little bit now.
I've known three of my grandparents, but one has a special place in my heart.

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I was really close to my grandma (my mom's mom), I loved her so much that now I miss even the littlest things: from when I used to sleep with her to when she cooked all my favourite dishes, from her playing with my hair to when she used to put in order all the clothes I left around the bedroom.

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I basically grew up with her so I have most of my childwood memories with her.
In summers I always had a swimsuit there, because I used to go to the beach with my aunt and her friends and when we came back I had a shower and eat what my grandma had cooked for me.

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I remeber that when I was in high school I spent my whole birthday evening crying locked in a bedroom because I wanted to stay with my parents but they were working, so my grandma knocked on the door every 15 minutes but I didn't want to stay with her (now I'll pay everything to spend a birthday with her!).

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Once we were in Barcelona and I had to share the bedroom with her and she used to turn on the lights and walk around the room so I haven't slept for three days!

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When we were younger me and my cousin used to go to my grandma's in summer and we argued a lot (really!) for everything: what music we had to listen to, what cartoon we wanted to watch, who cheated during a play and which play we had to play to; so our grandma'd send us to buy some pop corns and when we came back home we sit on the sofa with her, and eating and laughing we were so much calmer and quieter!

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Basically, grandparents' love is everything.
It's life.

Love you
Erica xx