Hello!! I hope you're havin' a good day/night! But if you don't,it's ok.Life has it's ups and downs.You're gonna get through it,be patient!!
I decided to write an article about to how to be in a good mood because,what's most important than that? what is most important than your hapiness? nothing! So here are some of my advises,of course i'ts different for every person!

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Stay away from toxic people! If you want to be happy that's a rule! It doesn't matter if it's a boyfriend/girlfriend ,cousin, bestfriend. Personally when I'm around peple like that I can't stand them, the brake my nerves,and they destroy my mood,so of course I avoid them.You can't know from the start that a person is like that ,but when you'll realise that..run!

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Don't sleep too much! Sleep is something of course that you need,but if you overdo it,you will have the opposite results.There are some days that I don't want to get up from my bed and stay there all day!Big mistake because I'm in a bad mood,a bored mood,a mood that I dont like at all,and I will be like that until I decide to get up! Sleep as long as you need,If you'll sleep more,you will be like a zombie for the rest of the day!

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This is something that you may find strange but for me it matters!! How my house smells,how my room smells,how my clothes are smelling,it's very important for me!A bad smell can switch me to a bad mood.I'm not talking only about perfumes and canndles! I'm talking about the fresh air that I love! The smell of a clean room! Currently though I'm in love with lavender in every form and shape.

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Last but not least! Enjoy you're shower/Bath.If you have time,take some of it to take care of yourself.After I shower and feeling clean and fresh,how can I be in a bad mood?

That was all of it,I hope you enjoyed reading my article,and I hope at least one of my advises helped you!