I was like 11 years when acne appeared on my skin. In my opinion, I was too young to fight against this shit. At this age, problems should be about what I am gonna play after school, with bratz or barbies. But guess what, since that age, every morning of my life I've been waking up looking myself on the mirror and wishing my face was another one.

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High school

It was specially difficult for me to face my physical appearance during this phase of my life. It was a constant battle to accept who I was and to love my imperfections (including my horrible skin and my horrible fat body).

We all know that teen years are the ugliest ones in the life of a person. Well, I was so ugly. I accept that, now. And, in fact, I usually laugh about my past when I see my old photos.

Maybe, the worst thing during high school was comparing myself to others, especially with my friends. I really hated when they used to act as little bitches and said "OMG, I have a horrible pimple right here". I felt really bad, because it was like: if you thing you're ugly with that insignificant pimple on your face, what would you think about me? That I am the pimples monster?

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I also used to use a lot of make up to cover my skin. It was more to avoid people to see my disgusting face. But, well, it's funny when I remember how I used foundation on those years. I ended up being a real monster. I had a face full of pimples and half face covered with make up, and the other one, nude. But it felt good, it was like wearing a mask. I felt protected by that mask, and unconscious, I felt more beautiful and comfortable.


As I grew up, also did my collection of creams, soaps, specific treatments and my skin routines.

I remember most nights falling asleep crying because of my aspect. I remember praying God, and I am not a real believer, almost every night to make my acne disappear. But the next morning, I wake up being the same person. It really sucked.

Someday, my mom carried me to the dermatologist, and she decided to apply a strong treatment on my skin. For some months, my skin was horrible. I had a lot of pimples, red spots and my lips were constantly dry.

But suddenly, someday, pimples started disappearing from my face. I had 16 years old when this happened.

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I have still having some pimples. But, not as many as I used to have during my high school days. Maybe, I have one or two when I am on my period.

What I do have are scars, because of my several acne. It is not what I expected to have when I thought about making my acne disappear, but I prefer them than the pimples. They remember me what I am, what I was.

Maybe I have not the perfect skin, and I will definetely never have. But if I could sign somewhere to keep my skin as beautiful as I have now, forever, I will, without hesitating.

I have learn an important lesson. I love myself, I really do. I am what I am, and anybody would change that, even me. I have no choice o live inside another body, so I have to love myself as anybody would never do. I will always live with me. People come, some stay, some go, but I will always be with me. So it is better If I accept who I am.

I am strong, because I have to learnt who live with some imperfections. But I am also beautiful, in fact, I am the most beautiful person I know.

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And now, when I wake up, what I always do since the very first time in the morning is looking myself on the mirror. And guess what, I don't see a person with a lot of imperfections, I see the perfect me.