so i am 16, and i never really loved someone, like bf loved. i don't really care about guys. I don't want to commit but at certain moments i would love to have someone around.
I am very awkward around guys, i don't talk much cos i just feel weird. I never had guy friends so I don't know what to talk about with them. I have one guy friend, and i am pretty sure he is gay. So he isn't the best example.

I met one guy over the summer, and we just hit it off really fast. We talked about school, sports, life in general. But he was from another country, so soon after he left. We haven't talked since. But he is coming back in february. We'll see.

I have semi crushes. I like guys that either i met, and guys who i never met. The thing is that i don't want a relationship. But i think they are cool people to hang out with, or i think they are.

I totally sound like a stalker right now. I AM NOT

I have currently 4 semi crushes. But i would not date them ,cos that would require me having to be in a relationship, which i don't want to be in.

I legit think i am the only fucking person who is this stupid. Like please someone relate to me.