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But time ... this is such a strange thing. It happens that one hour stretches for ages, and the month flies by as one instant.

... What a beautiful, how sonorous her new name will be. As if descended from the pages of a novel.

What a miracle can sometimes create the simplest and most reliable means: take it and cry it out.

Pity is a completely useless thing.

Sometimes, in order to pour out the soul to the fullest, special words are needed that are far from literary expressions.

Youth! It passes so quickly.

No one has yet succeeded in changing their own past.

How nice to do good to people! Especially unfamiliar people whom you absolutely do not know ...

You know, such a strange thing ... Good, created by you, you yourself makes you happier.

Theo laughs back. And his laugh sounds like music to her. Such a magical, fabulous music of absolute happiness.

It's funny how sometimes our lives are made up. And it is truly amazing what unforeseen turnovers and surprises it abounds in.

Time, as we know, cannot be stopped. It inexorably moves forward, dragging forward with it all those who are still alive.

Another's laughter is always contagious.