As i have autumn Holiday, I thought I could tell you a few activities that you can do during the Holidays.


I Love to walk in the park when the leaves fall from the trees and everything is colorful and Beautiful.

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In Fall we have my favourite Festival after Christmas . HALLOWEEN, oh my god i really like it so much. I Always find it cute when the Little kid Dress up and move form house to house collecting Sweets.

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As soon as the fall is over, you see pumpkis everywhere and everyone Dresses warmer. For me, it´s time to drink a lot of tea. And of Course I do that during the Holidays. Since I actually take any Kind of tea, I´m Pretty open.

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I also like to do something with my friends during the holidays. Due to the school and the work I often do not have enough time to do something with my friends. But now I have a little more time and I can go to the cinema with my friends or just chill out together.


unfortunately, as always, there are things to do for the school, which is why I try to do as much as possible during the holidays. For example, I have to submit a philosophy essay at the beginning of December, which is still a long way off, but in this period I also have important exams that I have to focus on, so I'm doing the essay now so that I have more time later on myself to concentrate on the exams.

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As you know, during the holidays you usually have more time, which is why we are often bored. But you have enough time to live out your artistic life, which is much too short for me. So you can grab some colors and paper and just get started, the result is actually no matter as long as you like it yourself. Likewise, you can also learn a musical instrument, such as piano or guitar.

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That's it for now with my tips. Maybe I'll add a few more points in the near future. Wish you a wonderful Friday

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