Let's go to London. You and me. Let's wake up at 11 and lay in a way too big bed for just us two, with big white beddings, and let's stare at the raindrops running in the window while you pull me back in your arms. And just stay there and stare at each other without saying a word. You brush my hair and draw on my back with your fingers untill I'll fall asleep again, while you hold me tight. Then you'll take me to breakfast. I'll drink cappucino with almond milk and you will drink a black coffee, like we always do. We'll be so in love in London that we don't notice everyone staring at us everywhere with smiles on their faces for us being so in love. Kiss me in the middle of the Oxford street so deeply that we forget about where we are and who we are. We'll get drunk from drinking too much champagne and eating strawberries dripping in chocolate. You´'ll take my white dress off slowly and kiss my skin all the way to heaven where we'll be just from the touch of each other.

I know we will.