it's day 12 of my 30 days writing challenge!
so today i'm gonna list 5 blessings of my life ✨

1. My Friends

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i don't have many friends, only few, but those 'few' are my life. plus, i'm into quality not quantity! they are so supportive and funny. i don't know what i'd do without them

2. People I've Lost

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yes, the people i've lost are also a blessing, they've taught to fight for myself, they made me stronger.

3. Family

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my family is my biggest blessing. they've always supported me and guided me.

4. Books

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i really llovee to read books! ofc. they are a blessing for me ❤

5. My Faith

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my faith is my greatest blessing. i believe that a person needs to grow up believing in something. i'm not saying that i don't like atheists, i just think it's weird living your life without relying on something, someone. we all lose hope sometimes, that time we need someone we can look up to. and i respect and love every religion.

Keep Shining!

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