Dedicated to someone I love dearly...

Person 1: Paranoia

I am constantly being watched and
There’s no solace, no escape from my own cognition,
Will anyone save me?
From this endless vortex of misery?
They are coming for me.
Don’t judge me!
I only react to what I know…if
step into my mind:
You would see the maze that has no exit.
Leave me alone!
I want to decompose in peace.
Away from the world.
Away from depravity.

Person 2: Delusions

Split from reality.
How many parts?
I do not know.
I feel so loved so loved so loved
By someone who will never understand.
I am powerful. Superhuman. Unbreakable.
My grandiosity is enlightening.
Everyone must be lying when
I am praised for
Absolutely nothing.
Constantly misinterpreting my worth.
Conspiring against me.
You say my beliefs are idiosyncratic.
You cannot contradict me; I am unstoppable.
I have met rationality and you are not it.

Person 3: Hallucinations

Can you see it? Hear it? Smell it? Feel it? Taste it?
I can.
Sometimes it is welcoming, sometimes it is threatening.
I have made new friends.
Otherworldly companions.
They visit during my darkest times.
Reassuring, discouraging, evil, pure…
They can’t seem to make up their mind.
What of my mind?
A constant state of metacognition.
I need not toil because they do it for me.
The need to speak becomes unnecessary.
Who is real and who is not?
My family, my friends, my enemies have
Become fused into one.

Person 4: Catatonia

I lay here immobile.
Helpless. Unwanted.
I have become clay on a potter’s wheel.
I can be anything;
Any shape, any one, any thing yet
I lay here still.
My mind is still flexible,
Its my body that refuses to act
My mind ruminates in the same way
A disc rotates or
The sun sets and rises.
It never goes away yet I am still here,
Staring aimlessly into a parallel universe.
I lay terror-stricken
Of what will become of me.

Person 5: Hebephrenic

Jubilant. Melancholy. Indignant. Nonsensical.
Don’t tell me which decision to make: I make my own.
Incoherent, you say?
Burn in hell.
Oh, but you shouldn’t have to suffer the way
I suffer.
Warring with myself constantly. Infinite insanity.
I laugh in the face of everything.
I crave attention from all the wrong people.
Optimism greets me like an angel in disguise.
But I hate everything, everything, everything
I detest the ground you walk on, delight in your sadness
Don’t cry, its okay
You will be fine.
You won’t be fine.

We are so quick to judge, condescend, apprehend,
Those who war with their mind.
Are we any different? Any further from the end?
Our prejudices have made us so very blind.