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perhaps we were wrong,
to believe that peace was an option
when we were young and our minds
were as free as dandelions in the wind

I walked into this world blindfolded,
and when I opened my eyes
the reality of life shattered me like a girl
that stood too long on the train tracks

oh what beautiful chaos
that we call inevitability,
what paradox of society
when we justify our sin

fistfighting like slowdancing
and dropping bullet shells
to the beat of the devil’s drum

I question my conscience
and ask if it pleads for something lost

for we are all just skeletons
wearing our skin like sweaters,
in an attempt to warm our souls

I look around and I see anger,
tinting my vision with its red haze
I see a world turned cold, for evil
sits on the throne with a corrupt crown

oh what pain it is,
to live in a world turned


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