Here are some things you can add to your wishlist or things you can buy someone if you don't know what to get them xx

Pandora jewelry
rose box

bag, bow, and bracelet image flowers, rose, and pink image

lululemon clothing

yellow, aesthetic, and polaroid image body, carefree, and clothing image


highlighter, pens, and planner image blue, boho, and carefree image

Fjällräven Kanken
Champion hoodie

Image removed fashion, clothes, and summer image

Swell bottle
Alex and Ani bangles

bottle, cup, and kitchenware image accessories, arm candy, and bracelet image

trendy fashion glasses
face masks

eyebrows, fashion, and girl image lush image

Glossier lipgloss
fairy lights

glossy, gloss, and makeup image bedroom, home, and light image


box, candy, and sugarfina image pizza, food, and heart image

oldskool Vans
vinyl records

vans, fashion, and shoes image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

record player
the Body Shop products

flowers, beach, and blue image the body shop image

Nike windbreaker
Gucci belt

nike, iphone, and Calvin Klein image fashion, gucci, and outfit image

bucket hat

carefree and tumblr image dog, puppy, and animal image

Calvin Klein set

Calvin Klein, fashion, and grey image scrunchies image

concert tickets
Kate Spade backpack

daddy, Drake, and famous image backpack, bag, and carefree image

Burberry scarf

bag, brunette, and Burberry image music, sun, and Sunny image

Lokai bracelet
Apple phone case

accesories, beautiful, and blue image apple, beach, and carefree image

Naked pallettes

goals, heat, and makeup image air, case, and gold image

Hoop earrings
Nike air force ones

girls, hair, and icon image air force one, carefree, and clothing image

personalized necklace
Triangl swimwear

red, baby, and necklace image bikini and triangl image

Adidas NMDs
Kappa tracksuit

adidas, carefree, and cyber image fashion, kappa, and outfit image

lip balm

bees, lipbalm, and lips image aesthetic, green, and indie image

Kylie lipkit

aesthetic, birkenstock, and cool image kylie lip kit, kylie cosmetics, and kylie jenner image

Penny board

pink, skate, and skateboard image fashion, style, and outfit image

puffer jacket

carefree, girl, and beauty image fashion, puffer jacket, and coat image

fanny pack

fashion, fanny pack, and style image 6, nike, and slide image

designer bag
Cartier jewelry

bag, fashion, and Louis Vuitton image beach, besties, and carefree image

art supplies
laptop stickers

art, Brushes, and paint image apple, boston, and carefree image

Pink velvet lingerie set

blue, carefree, and cyber image cyber, Drake, and flash image

OVO gear
Himilayan salt lamp

girl, Drake, and style image bohemian, boho, and hipster image

rosé champagne
Tiffany and Co jewelry

Image removed audrey hepburn, blue, and bracelet image

Laura Mercier highlight

fashion, coffee, and watch image makeup, beauty, and highlighter image

pool floaties
Fenty Beauty

float, girl, and pool image rihanna, fenty, and makeup image

cute socks
baseball style hat

avocado, socks, and aesthetic image adidas, aesthetic, and girl image

denim jacket
Rupi Kaur books

fashion, style, and outfit image book, milk and honey, and rupi kaur image

Patagonia sweater

backpack, checkered, and pins image clothing, fashion, and jackets image

wireless speaker

green, cactus, and aesthetic image music, stereo, and iphone image

Gucci sneakers

Image by myprettylittlethings ♡ shoes, gucci, and fashion image

silk robe

Image removed silk, jewelry, and lace top image

memory book
muji pens

Image removed colours, Muji, and stationery image

Mario Badescu spray
Wreck this journal

mario badescu, aesthetic, and carefree image Dream, book, and rainbow image

VS pjs
giant teddy bear

Image removed big, girl, and goals image

cabin socks
American Eagle jeans

Image removed fashion, jeans, and quality tumblr image


brand, candles, and carefree image blue, michael, and nails image

Roots clothing
fuzzy socks

canada, explore, and mountains image winter, coffee, and christmas image

zodiac/birthstone jewelry

Inspiring Image on We Heart It etsy, october birthstone, and gifts for her image

box of things

poem, poetry, and love image happiness, box, and yellow image

big wool jacket
HP sprocket

aesthetic, autumn, and fall image hp, present, and cute image

bath bombs

relax, bath, and cosmetics image girl site model, iphone case cover, and photography inspiration image

pallazo pants

fashion, outfit, and style image adidas, nike, and red image

wave ring
Pura Vida bracelets

ring, waves, and beach image fashion, pura vida bracelets, and cheap image

Brandy Melville signs
Apple watch

brandy melville, beach, and clothes image apple, car, and fashion image


fashion, vogue, and aesthetic image summer, car, and jeep image

vintage clothes
Timberland boots

fashion, style, and outfit image Image removed

selfie case

tumblr, cool, and grunge image kylie jenner, beats, and jenner image

lip scrub

Image by selınα aesthetic, lip, and lips image

herschel bag
checkered Vans slip ons

bag, bedroom, and boy image pink image

beauty blender
morphe brushes

cute, cosmetics, and girly image morphe, Brushes, and make up image

wildflower case

cases, checkered, and plaid image aesthetic, travel, and writing image


accessories, apple, and colorful image chanel, perfume, and aesthetic image

nail polish
knee-high boots

nails, blue, and essie image fashion, boots, and shoes image

biker shorts

outfit image fitness, nike, and watch image

cards against humanity

lightbox image cappuccino, coffee, and enjoy image

curling wand
Huda beauty falsies

brown, brunette, and curled image lashes, cosmetics, and makeup image

eyelash curler
Hunter boots

makeup and chanel image autumn, fall, and leaves image

Ivory Ella clothing
Quarter zip

victoria secret, vs, and pink image

PINK clothing
fuzzy keychain

Image by D E N I S S E L 👑 nails and pink image

Stussy clothing
Too Faced sweet peach makeup

fashion, hoodie, and stussy image too faced, makeup, and mascara image


disney, pixar, and dvd image pretty, skincare, and girly image

Nike pro

Image by Victoria Inspiring Image on We Heart It

Better than sex mascara
James Charles pallette

makeup, nails, and mascara image colour, goals, and makeup image

Tombow brush pens

school, pens, and study image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

Copic sketch markers
Friends merch

art, colors, and copic markers image chandler, etsy, and Logo image

MCM bag
Zaful bikini

Temporarily removed beach, bikini, and carefree image

bullet journal

inspiration, inspo, and journal image cozy, fuzzy, and grey image

Adidas tracksuit
Anastasia makeup

adidas, outfit, and tracksuit image Image removed


beach, explore, and travel image Taylor Swift image

cute mug

camera, canon, and aesthetics image Image by Jarbas Jacare

duffel bag
portable charger

nike and shoes image pineapple, portable charger, and sonix figure image

body butter

winter, figure skating, and sport image body butter, body care, and christmas image

frankie collective

bed, bedding, and carefree image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

basketball shoes

Basketball, girl, and nike image shoes, kyrie, and basketball shoes image

volleyball shoes

net, set, and sports image orange, shoes, and sports image

yoga mat
Canada Goose jacket

fitness, flexibility, and gymnastics image bag, girl, and gucci image

denim skirt
floppy hat

fashion, fashionable, and fashionista image beautiful, coachella, and festivals image

neon sign

80s, aesthetic, and eighties image neon, quotes, and light image

Nike air max thea
Muji beanbag

nike, shoes, and black image Image removed

vanity mirror
MAC lipstick

girl image Image removed


bra, vs, and lingerie image kate spade, planner, and school image

university apparel

laptop, pc, and cama image Image removed

tube top

casual, fashion, and jeans image asian, girl, and glasses image

Swarovski jewelry
aloe plant

Image by HEBZ EDIT aesthetic, aloe, and grunge image

It by Alexa Chung
R. H. Sin poetry book

hipster, pastel, and alexa chung image black and white, poetry, and book image

Lindt chocolate
American Apparel tote

chocolate, milk, and neckless image alt, alternative, and coachella image

Get Back necklace
Fila disruptors

get back, jewerly, and necklace image Fila and shoes image
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Puma Fenty slides

carefree, food, and laduree image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

handmade art

art image girl, nike, and outfit image

Philosophy products

crystal, pink, and blue image luxury, green, and soap image

flower lipstick
art prints

lipstick, flowers, and makeup image decor, pretty, and prints image

Astroworld merch
Sonix case

clothes and shoes image aesthetic, fashion, and snake image

Catalyst and Co jewelry
polaroid case

aesthetic, carefree, and fashion image yellow, camera, and aesthetic image

Spotify premium
Apple music membership

Image removed carefree, goals, and Logo image

Polo hat

girl, Hot, and lilac image aesthetic, love, and beautiful image

basketball jersey

ariana grande and ariana image colours, study, and staedtler image

Nintendo Switch
What do you Meme game

gaming, Halloween, and mario image cards against humanity, memes against humanity, and what do you meme image

more to come!!

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