Depending on the day I either start at 8am or 10:45am so this is what I do when I wake up an hour and a half before leaving.
Btw, I take my shower at night so I do wash myself!

I first wake up to the sound of Stand by Me by Florence and The Machine and start the day by making my bed.

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Then, I pump up some happy tunes to put me in a good mood.

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I then head downstairs and have my ACV water while boiling some water to make tea.

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I try to make a quick, filling and healthy breakfast, so eggs or smoothies are my go-to's and I drink my tea while eating.

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Then, it's time to get dressed. I like wearing sweaters, baggy clothes and earthy neutral tones during fall. (also, I live in Canada so it gets cold really freaking quickly)

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Finally, it's time to brush my teeth, put on makeup and do my hair.

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It's then time for me to go! I grab my bagpack, more tea and I head out the door.

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