birthday, fifteen, and 15 image baloons, bff, and birthday image
i'm 15

best feature

bts, rm, and namjoon image beauty, diamonds, and fashion image
my dimples and my naturally long nails


october, fall, and school image yellow, flowers, and aesthetic image yellow, flowers, and gelb image yellow, makeup, and flowers image


Image removed girl and love image
being genuinely happy

everyday starts with

girl image aesthetic, girl, and pale image
waking up and checking my phone


sunflower, flowers, and yellow image Image removed

greatest accomplishment

study, coffee, and college image aesthetic, school, and uniform image
it hasn't happened yet but i'm starting college next year

hogwarts house

hufflepuff, harry potter, and yellow image aesthetic, cosy, and harry potter image gif, harry potter, and hufflepuff image harry potter image

in love with

shawn mendes, boy, and shawnmendes image 18, girl, and littlemix image
celebrities who don't know i exist


artist, collection, and highlighter image makeup, yellow, and sunflower image
i wanna be a makeup artist


Image by ✨ cute, guitar, and family image
i don't want kids but i had to have kids then i would want at least two

least favorite quality

bts, taehyung, and v image bts, v, and taehyung image
tae has the cutest smile but i hate my smile


Clueless, virgin, and quotes image Image removed Clueless, alicia silverstone, and 90s image Clueless and 90s image


Image removed honduras image
i was born and raised in america but my family is from honduras

one of my favorite songs

Image removed festival, indie, and lips image
tongue tied - grouplove


animals, beautiful, and betta image betta fish and bettas image
a betta fish

questions i ask

- what?
- does this look weird?
- am i annoying?

reasons to smile

girl, friends, and friendship image modern family, family, and photo image
friends and family


couple, love, and Relationship image love, couple, and quotes image

tv show

the office, quotes, and funny image nothing, funny, and quotes image fiona, veronica, and shameless us image shameless us and fiona gallagher image
the office and shameless

underwater animal

dolphin, summer, and ocean image dolphins, 💚, and 🐬 image


Island, summer, and love image architecture, beauty, and Greece image

worst habit

sexy, dakota johnson, and fiftyshades image blonde, choker, and girl image
i bite myself a lot idk why but i just do


anatomy, bones, and human image love, kiss, and skeleton image
i've only ever gotten those x-rays that the dentist do

your favorite drink

aesthetic, girl, and pink image beverage, drink, and lemonade image

zodiac sign

aesthetic, cancer, and edit image art, astrology, and cancer image