And so there they sat, his left arm around her waist, his hand tightly gripped to her right hand. They sat on the cliff face on a small rock together, admiring the star-ridden sky and the crashing of the surf on the rocks.They talked about life and conspiracies and there future laughing and smiling together, as one. No street lights, no traffic, no reception, just the moon,stars,tides and each other. She pointed out all the shapes she could make from the stars and he stared at her admiringly. They laughed until there cheeks hurt and talked until there was nothing left to talk about, just simply sit and listen to the crashing waves. He taught her about surfing and she taught him about horoscopes, they both knew they were better together. "Every wave that passes is unique and no one else in the world saw that wave except us" he tells her watching her grin as she thinks about it. They smelled the salty breeze of the chilly night and sat back together wishing it would never end.