"I love your natural hair," Faith said, sitting next to me at the table outside. "Thank you," I smiled. Faith is super nice. I never thought Jasper would find a friend besides us and I'm glad he has someone like her around. Sam was still sleeping when I woke up so I decided to have my morning coffee outside by the pool. Tatum sat down and accidentally hit the table too hard, causing my coffee to spill on my book. A look of horror took over her face. "Omg, Nessa...I am so sorry," she said, sounding like she was about to cry. Faith quickly threw napkins on the mess. "It's fine..relax," I told her. She pulled her legs up close to her chest and wrapped her arms around them. I analyzed the spill and thought about how I could turn it into art. It's the only way Tatum will forgive herself. It's just coffee, I know, but she is extremely sensitive. Samuel popped into my mind. I decided to make coffee art inspired by him and I.

art image

I held it up. "'s fine," I said. She looked at it and I saw her body language become more relaxed. "That is beautiful, Ness," she said. " really are skilled artist," Faith added.

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"Admiring my girlfriend, are we?" I heard Sam's voice from behind me. He kissed me on my head and took a seat. "Yes...yes we are," Faith said. He peeked over at the art and smiled. "Hey..that's us," he said, his voice a slightly higher octave. I was smiling now. And also slightly embarrassed. "I want that," he told me. I turned my gaze to him. Man, was I lucky to have ever stumbled upon him. I signed my signature in the corner and slid it to him. He admired it up close now.

I heard the sliding door close and turned to see who was joining us now. It was Jasper. He took a seat next to Faith. I ship them. I think everyone in the house does. "Morning," he said. "Morning," we replied. I glanced at Faith who didn't say anything. She was just looking at him. Or admiring him...or fantasizing about him. I know that look. It's not just a friendly gaze. It's how Cole looks at I look at Leighton looks at tea....Faith was growing intimate feelings for Jasper...and Jasper is completely oblivious.