Hi everyone! Evey here! Now I know some of you might have heard about the comment post she made on social media about Kanye West aboloshing the 13th amendment and making a fuss about how Donald Trump quote, "Making America great again" with his use of tactics. Personally, I think she said the right thing about what she said on that comment post, because with certain today such as loss of culture, the issue of inequality, and mostly immigration. However, I am not going more political since it is a very sensitive subject upon to everyone and I respect if some of you all do not agree with my opinion. Anyways, other than that I wanted to share one of my favorite songs from Lana Del Rey! She's really peaceful upon her music and I really enjoy the sense of indie pop she puts into her songwriting. For me, she is like a white dove flying in the light blue sky carrying a jade green plant. Well, I hope you all enjoy my favorite songs I have recommended you all! Happy Listening!

My favorite Lana Del Rey Songs:
1. Born to die💀❤
2. Million dollar man👨💲💲💲
3. Cola🍷🍷🍷
4. Young and beautiful🙋💖
5. Summertime sadness😢⛅
6. Once upon a dream🌈☁
7. Cruel world😕😣
8. Sad girl 🙎🙎🙎
9. Pretty when you cry😢😢😢
10. Mariners apartment complex (New released song) 💖💖💖