Hi everyone! I decided to do the Autumn Tag, since it's the beginning of October and it sounds super duper fun to do! Not only that, but it's also going to be the day #3 of my 30 day writing challenge (wohoooooo)! Enjoy reading and have a lovely day/night! x

โžป Coffee or Tea?
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TEA -- to be honest, I love coffee a lot too, but lately I've been drinking a ton of spiced tea lately, along with some English Breakfast and Earl Grey. I've enjoyed the various kinds of tea and how they help me throughout the day. So yeah, that's the tea ;)
โžป Pumpkin Pie or Apple Pie?
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APPLE PIE---I enjoy making apple pie and eating the filling before it's baked into the oven. I know people say this all the time, but my family makes the best apple pie you'll ever taste. Not only that, but apple pie is something that brings the family cheer during Thanksgiving, and sometimes Christmas.
โžป Sweaters or Scarves?
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SCARVES---I'd say sweaters, but scarves are easier to take on and off and they don't make me sweat. Also, I like plaid ones or crochet ones. You should totally go to Urban Outfitters if you like scarves, because they have the best options! (Oh, and whenever I wear a scarf, I do my best to wear a hat or ear muffs with it!)
โžป Halloween or Thanksgiving?
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THANKSGIVING---it's a lot better than Halloween because it's a day before Black Friday, and everyone comes together just to spread positive vibes to one another. It seems like all differences are casted aside and love overpowers everything, just like it does around Christmas (as you can tell, that's my favourite holiday of all)!
โžป Fireplace or candlelight?
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CANDLES---I love lighting them, and the smell they provide. The best kinds of candles are the ones I get from Bath & Body Works, because they have the strongest scents and they make everything feel so festive and wonderful. Fires are awesome too, except they sometimes stink up my living room. Pumpkin spice and apple spice candles are the best, to be 100% honest. You should get them :)
โžป September, October, or November?
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NOVEMBER --- There's not much to say here, except that November is actually when you get the fall scene around you where I live. It comes a bit late sometimes, especially since it's summer up until the middle of September lol.
โžป Rainy Nights or Foggy Days?
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RAINY NIGHTS--- The sound of rain tapping against my window in the evening at night makes me really calm and stress-relieved. I love when you can look outside and see lightning in the distance, which also allows it to quickly show you how wet the scenery is outside. Rain is the most wonderful thing, especially when I want to read. It allows my mind to concentrate and my body to feel relaxed.
โžป The City or the Woods?
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WOODS---they're a tranquil place to wander and spend time with friends. You're surrounded by nature and the animals living within it. Not only that, but you can find yourself often in a state of peace, and self-awareness you won't often get in a busy city. (BONUS: there are wonderful places to go for photoshoots where I live during the autumnal season).
โžป Typical Ideas for Autumn Festivities
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And there you have it! Here's the offical Autumn Tag of 2018! Let me know what you think, and enjoy the rest of your week! Ily guys and see you soon!