a guide for paying attention to all the ways the universe shows you are loved

10.04. 2018.

Hey guys!
I hope everyone in "This Empty Northern Hemisphere" is having a great start to their autumn! And to everyone else, a lovely spring ^-^

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(an amazing album by G.A.I. - more to come)

I don't know about you guys, but one of the things I've noticed is that, no matter how tough life is acting, the more thankful I am, the better I feel. Remembering to count your blessings helps you to feel good and connect with the Peace behind all things. Our reality is peace - our only duty is to accept it. Isn't that cool to think about?

Autumn is a great time to remember this - although it's a great habit all the time.

I've just created a simple list here of a few things that have been really standing out for me lately:

- I am getting my paycheck in early due to a holiday called COLUMBUS DAY (LOL)
and I will be able to pay my rent on time even though I thought I wasn't going to be able to

(I was injured recently and wasn't able to work for a few weeks, so money has been tight)

- This last week, some sweet friends bought groceries for me because I haven't been able to afford it.

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- A cozy breakfast this morning while it was raining outside for the first time in months here <3

- The leaves on the trees are turning yellow - my favorite color!!

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- One of my favorite musicians, Gregory Alan Isakov, is putting out his brand new album, Evening Machines, tonight!!

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He does indie folk music with jazzy undertones and his voice is like liquid gold! You should all go give him a listen!

- There is a sweet, autumn-colored kitty cat who lives at my house! She loves to cuddle and has been super friendly lately (:

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- Pumpkin lattes and treats - like pancakes, muffins, and even soups!

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- I have been able to spend a lot of time with good friends lately - old and new (:

- There is a writers' festival happening in my town this weekend, and it will be a great chance for me to explore a world I'm really passionate about

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- A lot of my favorite music has been playing all over the place lately, and my favorite bands are touring and releasing new music!!

- I've been really tapping into how to figure out my health - plus I've found great new self-care methods (:

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Just a little list, but I hope you guys can be inspired to think of your own!

Remember that the Universe is for you and cares about you -

and that you are all so deeply valuable and cared for!

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Keep shining, stars!