I saw some articles that introduce internet friends so here I go 😄

𝒜𝒷𝑜𝓊𝓉 𝑀𝑒

  • Name: Aria. But that is not my real name, but I do go by that
  • I'm 17 and from the US
  • I speak English. But I'm learning Japanese
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  • I'm shy and very awkward. I'm blunt and pretty honest about my opinion. I may be accidentally mean. I'm not funny and I'm not good with jokes
  • Favorite Color: Grey, pastel pink, lavender purple
  • I want to major in criminology and stay in New York


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  • Anime: Boku no Hero Academia, Sword Art Online, Tamako Market, Violet Evergarden, etc
  • TV Shows: Criminal Mind, Voltron, Stitchers, Riverdale, Chilling Adventure of Sabrina
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  • Like writing
  • I like to travel
  • Music: BTS, Illenium, Shawn Mendes
  • Games: Honkai Impact 3rd, Overwatch, Blade & Soul


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  • Music: Lophee, MrSuicideSheep, Arctic Empire, City Girl, MrOtterMusic
  • Fun: Buzzfeed Unsolved, DanPlan, Domics, JaidenAnimation, Krist Soup, Lisa Phan, oh no Nina, tbhstudying

Well, that's it. Hope any of you has the same interest as me, so I'm out