Hi! There are many reasons why I love October, and I thought about sharing them with you. Hope you like it!

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I really love fall, it's one of my favorite time of the year and it arrives in October, I love that I can stay at home reading a good book with my warm blanket and some coffee.
Horror movies.
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I'm really easy to scare and especially with horror movies, but I really love them and especially this month, I love Jennifer's body and hocus pocus, getting together with friends to watch them it's even better.
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Pretending to be your favorite movie/series character, candy, friends, haunted houses, etc. How can I not love Halloween?
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Here are some cool costumes.
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Halloween parties are the best.
Pumpkin Carve.
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Tell horror stories.
My friends and I love getting together in someone house to do a sleepover at this time of the year and we tell horror stories in the dark, it's actually pretty fun.
Cozy socks
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I think this speaks for itself. Socks are everything.
It's my birthday!
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It's my birthday on this month and it just makes me love it even more!

I hope you liked and enjoyed this article!

À bientôt -XV

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