Do not tell me
that I am being irrational
when I say
I want to watch the rain.
When I say I want to notice
the way each drop
clings to its leaf
glorious with gold
yet still shivering –
as if
its final destiny
spins low enough
to fall into its

autumn, beautiful, and colors image

with your checklists
with your habits
with your biting down your fingernails
buttoning your buttons
gap between your feet
words too quick to breathe
and why do I catch you
always glancing
Is this the life
you insist to me
is safe,
while I stand
and observe
from the doorway?
Girl walks into the coffeeshop,
Girl compliments your hair.
You compliment hers.
A muffled air
of laughter,
slightest flushing
in the cheeks –
will you ask her her name?
heaven forbid.

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Hurry up,
you whisper to me,
you better check that clock,
you’re late
you’re always late –
as if you do not mind
crawling back into your place
as a slave.
What is your voice to me now
but the grating of teeth,
like a clogged sewer drain,
like hissing
skeleton branches
thrashing helpless against the wind.
The rain whispers to me
far away,
but I can hear it.
Her song, through the window pane,
however foggy –
cool enough
sporadic enough
to mesmerize
my frantic pulse
to promise me
something better.
What it is,
I am unsure
- what am I sure:
I will not catch her
by chasing.

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Here in the shadows
I will wait
- until the moonlight
bathes the horizon
in gold
until the trees are still lonelier
until the silence of the sky
and a still held breath
is enough to teach me
to catch my own.
I will wait.
Leave me behind,
if you wish.
When I learn
to ride the clouds
I will surpass you.

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Thank you guys so much for reading! Remember that no art is ever meaningless. Keep trying, creating, and forging your way! Your work matters! <3 <3 <3 ~L