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By now you have probably read some of the amazing work by our Writers Team and we want to continue to let you get know the people behind these articles! These lovely writers have put together a little about themselves (and picked a picture they love) just for you!

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Hello darlings! I am Ioanna from Greece but I go as Sunset S. here on We Heart It.

I have joined the platform in 2014 and ever since We Heart It has served as an endless source of inspiration for me. I always had little notes here and there but never really thought of sharing them…until the ‘Articles’ feature was introduced! I feel like such a simple change was enough to empower so many more people to be open-minded and to be courageous to express their uniqueness and share it with the world.

I am 20 years old, I love modern dancing and gymnastics, reading and learning new things. I am a girly girl and I have an enormous love for vintage and chic aesthetics.

I’d love to post about fashion, lifestyle, but also important topics (always writing with my rose colored glasses on) and poetry too since that’s my absolute favorite thing to write.

Thank you to each and every one of you who will take the time to read through my scattered thoughts and I will always be a message away in case you need to discuss anything or just to say if you enjoy my articles.

Love, Sunset.

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Hey, I'm Zenab. poet and writer. likes pretty things and flowers. daydreamer. book nerd. directioner. coffee addict. korean drama enthusiast. laughs a lot. A.R.M.Y.

Thank you WHI. For being there to inspire me every single day when I needed to write a story, poem or for the lovely pictures. This is the place where I communicate with people to know their respective thoughts which help me to keep boosting my writing skills and help me to improve by others uniqueness.

I'll probably post about anything and everything because we are all human beings and the human brain is uncertain. But specifically, I am here to share courage and spread awareness.

My articles will be about inspiration. I'll probably try to hit the nerves that you have shut down. Do you think nobody talks about some stuff, then you are wrong because I will.

We all want our inner voice to be heard by someone.
-zenab rehman

Give me a follow to come across my other articles.


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Hey guys! My name is Harshini (@harshini_oruganti on We Heart It) and I am so excited to be a part of the Writers Team.

My favorite thing about We Heart It is that it’s a supportive, positive environment where you can be exactly who you are and say what you believe.

I’ve always been the type of person who has a lot of thoughts but not a lot of opportunities to talk about them. Writing has always been a way for me to have a place to put all my ideas. Other things I really enjoy are fashion and makeup, reading, and being healthy.

My articles will be about a variety of topics, ranging from tips and tricks to serious topics that I believe need to be talked about in the world today. I’m so excited to have the opportunity to let my voice be heard and inspire others around the world ♡

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Hello everyone! My name is Michelle ARS (@DarkBayForDreamers here on We Heart It)

I’ve been on We Heart It for the past year now and there are many things that made me fall in love with this platform. I love that We Heart It is more than just an app, is a community full of wonderful, inspirational and super talented human beings. I love that We Heart It encourages our creativity and it allows us to be ourselves with no filter. I love all the sources of endless inspiration and all the diversity in our platform.

So since I was little I’ve been in love with reading and writing, literally, it was all I used to do back then when school was not a big deal and I hadn’t a lot of responsibilities. Usually, I would write fictional stories, but since Articles became a thing in We Heart It I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and I started writing articles and now I love it!

My articles are about my own experiences basically, I like to share my testimony and advice on topics like depression, anxiety, and mental disorders. But I will also talk about more serious topics that need more awareness in my opinions such as Equality, Racism, Immigration, Climatic Change, Gun control, and others. I want to use my platform to bring awareness as much as I can.

To finish I just want to say that I’m very grateful to be in the Writers Team, this is such a great opportunity and I’m excited to see what the future holds for us.

Michelle xx

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´Hello lovelies!´
My name is Caleb! I am an Italian boy who lives in Venice and my job is... going to high school. Ugh. Yeah, I know, it's not as fun or interesting as other Writers Team members' jobs.
I'm not a very masculine boy but I'm not really feminine either. I hope this will help me when it comes to creating content that can appeal to everybody.
My favorite thing to do is creating. Taking a picture is one of the ways I create. I love setting up the ISO and the aperture and the white balance and the shutter speed and knowing that a picture looks like what it looks like because of me. I also love reading and writing (I wouldn't be here if I didn't, right?). I feel like these two things go hand in hand.

Here on We Heart It, I found the perfect balance of everything that I love. I believe that this website is a safe space for me and for everyone who logs in!
I write about lifestyle - which means I'll talk about books, fashion, self-help and tips - and about some unusual topics. Being unpredictable is kind of my thing.
To be honest, this short presentation is probably one of the hardest things I've ever written. I do not want to give you the wrong impression about me, but I guess that it's kind of hard to describe a human being in a few words. Well, you'll just have to get to know me through my articles.
Thank you for taking the time to read my - and other Writers Team members - articles! Knowing that someone likes my content really means the world to me.

xx, remember to smile

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Aloha Hearters! My name is Seraiah (@staraiah on We Heart It), and I am writing to you from the beautiful island of Hawaii. What I love about We Heart It is the ability to connect with such a diverse community and inspire people to feel empowered and confident. Through We Heart It, I’ve had the opportunity to meet a very special friend— Iva (@angelus_somnia_infernum on WHI). What started out as a conversation admiring each other’s writing styles blossomed into an ethereal connection. We are 7,904 miles apart, yet we have a very special bond and mutually believe our friendship was destined. Iva has been even more understanding and encouraging than a lot of people I have met in person! I sincerely hope all you hearters can be blessed by the members of The We Heart It Writers Team the way I have been blessed by Iva

I am an esthetician and makeup artist so this may give you all an idea of what I might post about in the future (wink wink).
I also want to discuss more serious issues, particularly in regard to mental illnesses. I myself have a mood disorder and would love to share my story with you all more in-depth while stressing the importance of being mentally healthy. I have alluded to such issues in my poetry and will slowly post more poems I have written about various mental illnesses. Guys…this may sound cliche, but I genuinely care about each and every one of you. I have struggled. Immensely. I am honored to be on the We Heart It Writers Team, because I know it’s my destiny to inspire you and maybe even help you navigate through the struggles you are experiencing.

I just want to end with saying that if you ever need someone to chat with, feel free to message me. I know it may be an unorthodox offer, but I genuinely love getting to know people or just being there if you feel alone and there’s no one else to talk to. I know because I am there.

Stay Mermazing,

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My name is Paulina. I’m Mexican and yes, I adore tacos. My favorite thing about We Heart It is that you’ll always find aesthetic, interesting and outstanding pictures, relatable quotes and now, amazing articles written by talented people from all over the world. Every content of We Heart It is flawlessly artistic.

Being a writer is one of my once forgotten dreams and I’m ecstatic to see it become a reality. I’m an avid reader and my favorite author is Oscar Wilde. It amazes me that the most famous novels had an ulterior motive. They had the goal to reflect, highlight and emphasize certain aspects of human behavior through an analogy represented in a novel. When I write I like to create something that goes beyond a story, has deeper meaning, invites to reflection and has not so obvious implications. I’m an academic (I’m a university teacher), explorer, beach lover, and mad eater. Also, I’m learning a bit of photography. I took the picture for this article and I post some of my work on Instagram @anapaulinalvarez.

The articles I’ll write will be about self-introspection, self-growth, empowering poems, life after the heartbreak and life experiences. At some point, I’ll leave my comfort zone and write edgy articles or something different. For now, if you want to read poetic, aesthetic and relatable articles I’m your writer.

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Hi, fellow hearters! I'm Rachel --@whirlwindbound here on We Heart It.

I've been using We Heart It since I was in high school, and the positive messages, quotes, and collections I've comes across have gotten me through some difficult times in my life. My favorite thing about We Heart It is that it gives us all the freedom to express ourselves and acts as an aid in pursuing and accomplishing personal goals. It's incredible to see how the same things inspire people all over the world. It reminds me that we are all of us working towards the goal of living the life we imagine, and we're not expected to do it alone. We all need inspiration, help, and support and We Heart It gives us that.

I am an artist and a writer, and my dream has always been to write for animation or tell my stories on an interactive platform. I love candy and cake, reading, and devouring stories of every medium--especially movies.

My goal is to write about things that interest me--celebrities, trends, and topics like confidence and travel. You'll also find chapters of a story I'm writing too! I love having an outlet to express myself and I make an effort, to be honest and open about things I've dealt with and why I'm working towards certain goals.

I'm excited to be a part of the Writer's Team and looking forward to building relationships with you all.

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Iva Pehar
Iva Pehar

My greetings beautiful people! You might know me by my We Heart It name angelus_somnia_infernum, but if you wondered, my real name is Iva.

I was first attracted to We Heart It because of how the app`s logo made it look so friendly and cozy.
First, I only hearted photos and downloaded them to set them as background on my phone.
Then I started making my own collections, and this summer, I started writing articles.
I felt so good sharing my thoughts and there is one of the reasons I love We Heart It so much – I feel safe.
We Heart It is such warm place on the Internet!
Another amazing thing about We Heart It is that it gave me a friend - Seraiah, known as Staraiah on We Heart It. She is in the Writers Team, and we started texting after she commented on my short story "The Guardian". We have been texting since then. Even we haven`t seen each other (yet), we formed a deep connection and consider each other very good friends. We discovered we have many things in common and it is amazing how two girls from different sides of the world can be so similar! She is an amazing writer and poet and following her on We Heart It can only get you to read deep emotional poems and articles that will lift your spirit because Seraiah is mermazing!

I have to mention how honored I am for being part of We Heart It Writers Team and for I am having the opportunity to collaborate with so many talented writers from all around the world.

I am, as it is written on my profile, „19 years old, aspiring writer, 24/7 dreamer, a child at heart, SUPERNATURAL super-fan“
This autumn I am starting my freshman year in college – I will study English language and literature and Russian language and literature.
My dream is to become a published writer and screenplay writer/ movie director.
I am working on two novels – one is a memoir – an autobiographic story about me and my family; and the other is fiction – in my favorite genre – fantasy.
I am an avid reader – I would buy a book I like over cute clothing item anytime.
I love classic rock music but have soft spot for boybands.
I love to watch TV-series and movies because as to everybody, fictional worlds are the best escape from reality.
I am a firm believer that one should always follow his/her heart, and that dreams come true if one works on making them real.

And I am a big choco-holic.

If you are interested in book/TV-series/movie reviews, history of rock music (and some boy bands), real-life stories through which you would get a bunch of advice, or random motivational articles, keep an eye on my channel – I promise you, it will be worth it.

Keep on dreaming, and listen to your hearts: they know the way.

Yours truly,

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kristy h.
kristy h.

Hi lovelies! I’m Krist. Like many of you, We Heart It is a huge source of inspiration for me, constantly influencing my style. It’s been a dream come true being on the Writers Team and being more involved in this community. Imagine your favorite TV show. As viewers, we live vicariously through their eyes. We grow emotionally attached, laughing or crying as they go through the ups and downs of life. Similarly, I strive to do this in my writing. And I hope at the end, readers will be able to take something away- whether it be a moment of happiness or a lesson taught. I’m so excited to share with you fashion and advice articles (to name a few). When I’m not writing, you can find me playing with my puppy or taking photos. More importantly, I’m excited to get to know you, the reader! Stay tuned, and thank you very much for your time.

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